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                                         -The unique location 

                                              -Comfortable accommodation 

                                              -Infrastructure and game atmosphere 

                                              -Bright, memorable, healthy and active all year round 

                                              -The modern studios and clubs, creative and practical  

                                              -Properly organized food and daily routine 

                                              -Ideal conditions for recovery

                                              -Professionally equipped playgrounds and an indoor sports complex 

                                              -Educational programs and qualified staff 

                                              -Adventure sports and outdoor activities

                                              -Care for each child and his safety 

                                              -Shuttle service for groups of children to care plan and accompanied by caregivers.















All rooms include:



-Private large balcony with beautiful views. 

-Comfort residence 

-Individual air conditioning 


-satellite TV 


-Spacious bathroom with bathtub 

-Hair dryer (on reception)

-3  kids in each room














Ages: 7-17

Parents can also escort children in separate rooms with different tour packets. For details contact us.

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