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Daily Program


08.30 Awakening music. 

09.00 Morning gathering at the camp site. Familiarity with the events that happened on this day 

09.10 Breakfast 

09.30 Morning cleaning. 

10.00 Checking the premises of the camp administration ....



In summer camp we have a dining room and a restaurant to meet high standards of hygiene and baby food. 

Changes in the diet are made to the extent possible in accordance with the wishes of the child. 

5 times a day nutrition (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner) 

The daily diet of 3,500 calories. 

For cooking, use high quality products. 

Meat and fish are always fresh. 

Used oil and oil of the highest quality ....

Animation program


-Smart Sports (checkers, chess, etc). Taught to think outside the box, develop logic, attention, perseverance and ingenuity. Children will be able to acquire basic knowledge, movement to advanced level. By the end of the shift the child receives a certificate of a chosen sport, with appropriate qualification....




The children's camp is a 3 hectare fully developed that eliminates unauthorized access to or exit from the camp of those whatsoever. 



The advantage of our summer camp is that it is just 50 meters from the sea .. location provides absolute safety and comfort in terms of ecology, peace and distance from the highway...

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