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The children's camp is located within the 3 hectare fully secured that eliminates unauthorized entry or exit from the camp anyone whatsoever. 



The advantage of our summer camp is that its just 5 meters from the sea. The location provides absolute safety and comfort in terms of ecology, peace and remoteness from the highway. 


Health and safety of children is also provided: 


-The presence of doctors and nurses 

-Conducted a general medical check-up 

-Availability of medical office 

-Availability of pharmacy 


-Two guards 


-Supply of warm water throughout the day 

-Having a separate toilet and shower in each room. 


In case of injury or illness of the child, it is possible to timely transportation of the child to the hospital center in Nayplio. 

As already mentioned, the camp is securely enclosed, eliminating unauthorized access someone else at the camp or the withdrawal from its territory. In addition, the attraction of the day for the camp guard monitors. 


Camp takes the following obligations: 


in the case of a serious injury or illness of a child, immediately notify the child's parents and the insurance company. 

allow the camp to monitor the relevant regulatory authorities and representatives of insurance companies.

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